Lubbock Initiative for Safe Toilets (LIST)

What if you had to think twice when trying to access a restroom to relieve yourself? What if you en­tered a bathroom most appropriate for your gender identity only to be escorted out by the police? Or even more traumatic had an accident because no one would let you use a toilet in either the men’s or women’s room because they had a preconceived notion that your presence would upset some unspoken bathroom balance. All of these examples and more are just some of the obstacles that gender-variant, differently-abled, and some not so stereotypically male or female folks encounter when trying to do something as simple as use a toilet.

LIST (Lubbock Initiative for Safe Toilets) is a group of gender-variant, differently-abled and tradition­ally gendered individuals who are very interested in creating safe bathroom space for people who do not fit the binary gender construct of female and male, or have special circumstances that might require a differently gendered caretaker to escort them to the toilet. We recognize that in Lubbock, many people have no safe places to go to the bathroom. They get harassed, beaten, and arrested in both women’s and men’s rooms and many avoid public bathrooms altogether, hence developing health prob­lems. We understand that this affects people with a range of gender identities including people who do not identify as female or male, transgender people who do identify as female or male, as well as many masculine and butch women, and feminine men. Therefore we are committed to establishing gender-neutral bathrooms and we believe that all people, regardless of their gender identification or presenta­tion have the right to access safe and dignified restroom facilities without fear of harassment, judgment, or violence.


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