Invitation to Participate

Lubbock Initiative for Safe Toilets (LIST) is a project working to raise awareness around issues of bathroom accessibility and gender neutral facilities through a mapping campaign of gender neutral, unisex and accessible toilets and bathrooms around Lubbock, Texas. The field research will involve visiting bathrooms, taking notes, making photographs, writing impressions, logging GPS coordinates, and other strengths and interests of the field researchers.

LIST’s structure is a collective of activists, theorists, researchers, and organizations who believe that generating knowledge is a key step to enacting change.  While the very act of cataloging and mapping gender-neutral bathrooms is a consciousness-raising exercise, LIST envisions this mapping project is just the first phase of a multiple-phase project that will build upon the data gathered this year.

We invite you and your organization to participate in this important activity by participating in the field research on Lubbock bathrooms.  If you would like us to speak to your group, we can show an excellent short film, Toilet Training, and explain our research initiative more fully.

Please visit us online:


With best regards,

LIST (Lubbock Initiative for Safe Toilets)


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